BLU G91 Max Review

BLU G91 Max-Acting on my suggestion to make the BLU G91 Max 2GB RAM, I used it for several weeks and love how well it performs. The phone is now one of my top picks. The G91 is a great budget gaming mouse and will boast greater compatibility, a more comfortable grip and the adjusted weight distribution that pro gamers need. However, it doesn’t have any sensor customizations which makes it unsuitable for use with PC or MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games like Over watch. Although you can try using the company’s own.


The G91 Max is an updated variant of the G91 Pro, but the performance increase is minimal. While its CPU is an average mid-range computer, it has been optimized with a new benchmark and some minor changes for instance. It has been around for a while, going back to 2020, so it’s one of the early adopters. However, most people don’t use that particular CPU because they primarily do web surfing on their computer and other basic tasks. Not every device is built for the stat-nerds out there. And for the price-performance is quite admirable. This computer is smooth, with a great interface and plenty of RAM. The included 8GB is a bonus considering the low price it comes at.


With a massive 5,000 mAh battery and up to 15 hours of productivity time per charge, the G91 Max is one of the best gaming laptops for anyone. The laptop even has an impressive cooling system to prevent infuriating heat buildup during long sessions. During my testing time I never went to bed with under 20% battery left. The G91 Pro has two charging variations – one for wired and one for wireless. But to my surprise, the phone never died on me and would charge overnight so I wasn’t too concerned about its slower wireless rate.

Lok and Feel

BLU is always working on new and improved versions of their product so that you can always get the best phone on the market. Right now you can purchase a Spectrum Grey version and it’s gorgeous! The Ghostly phone comes with a hombre look that is quite striking and impressive! This makes it seem like the difference in price is also significant. The phone feels solid in the hand, if a bit slippery. Fortunately, BLU has included a heavy duty silicone case in the box that’s nice and grippy. There’s a familiar looking rectangular camera bump around back. Overall, it’s an impressive looking phone.


Connecting with your friends and staying entertained is a little easier these days. BLU today boasts plenty of helpful apps that you can easily download at their own free expense, like their popular VoLTE and the BLU Life toolbar. It is true that software manufacturers would install unwanted programs with the idea of increasing profits. What’s nice is that now users can unistall these applications from the phone and not have them come back. They have also developed other features to make it easier for people to not use apps. Another huge improvement, for me anyway, is proper support for third party launchers. I like to customize my phones and for a few years that’s been difficult on BLU phones. They didn’t support gesture navigation on non-system launchers. But they do now. So, want to use Niagara or Lawnchair 2 or whatever other skin you prefere? Go for it. This is a simple thing but has been a real pain point with BLU phones in the past.

Display: I’m an AMOLED guy. Isn’t everybody by now? And the G91 Max sports a 2460×1080 6.8 inch LCD. So why is display listed as a highlight? It’s because the screen looks great. Colors pop. Brightness is great at even mid-levels. And even the bezels are small. There’s a slight chin below the screen but it is hardly noticeable. It reminds me of the old HTC LCDs of yesteryear.


BLU has struggled in the past for this camera – but they’re getting better! It’s fast & pictures are clear, plus you have plenty of modes to choose from. You can even shoot at the full 108MP if you need to. The camera is a very important part of any smartphone experience and the G91 Max stands up to any mid-ranger I’ve used.

Face Unlock

Unlocking your phone is easy as pie, and it’ll happen right away. It works on any lighting scenario regardless of the time of day and by default unlocks straight to a safe home screen zone. None of the silly swipe to unlock after your face is recognized. It’s a small thing but makes the experience of using the phone so much better.

Fingerprint Reader

Users should be able to unlock their devices with ease. The side mount fingerprint reader integrated into the power button is a disappointment – it’s difficult to access and often you’ll have skin-to-skin contact with your device which reads prints in a very inconsistent manner. The fingerprint reader is so bad it makes the excellent face unrecognized continuously.

Updates: Don’t expect any feature or system updates from BLU. And it’s a little disappointing that they’re shipping an Android 11 device months after Android 12 went gold. It’s kind of par for the course with mid-range phones from anyone not named Samsung but it’s still worth mentioning.


  • If you’re using a G91 Pro, apps will install faster than they did before and it’s worth noting that this is not a weird thing. The phone has proven its value in the past and apps are being designed to perform best on Android devices with rock-solid specs.
  • Do you still use wired headphones? No, but if so you’ll be happy.
  • This is an Android 11 phone (December 2021 security patch). It might receive a few security updates but don’t expect Android 12.
  • It’s not a 5G phone on AT & amp; but works great with T-Mobile and other MVNOs.


BLU phones have done an excellent job over the years, and have been very reliable. They have a smooth operating system, and are designed to look clean. The company periodically releases updates for hardware bugs & glitches, but it’s not bad for a smartphone that won’t break the bank. No mention of G91 series, instead replaced with “G90” The biggest advantage the Max has is the extra RAM which, honestly, is enough for me to recommend it over the slightly cheaper G91 Pro. BLU continues to refine their phones but I’m looking forward to the breakthrough that takes them to the next level. If you have $250 to spend on a new phone, the BLU G91 Max will serve you well. It has newly designed features and is one of the best-selling phones at this price point.

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