Best Review For Ezviz C8W Pro

Ezviz’s C8W Pro is an outdoor security electronic camera that can pan 340 ° in addition to tilt, so it can see all around. However, it isn’t as smart as you might expect.

Ezviz's C8W Pro


  • Frying pan and tilt for wide insurance coverage.
  • On-device AI for tracking individuals.
  • Well valued.


  • Unsatisfactory app.
  • No face or parcel recognition.
  • Costly cloud storage space.

Our Verdict

The C8W Pro is used for respectable top-quality video clips both night and day and does great work tracking individuals during the day. It isn’t as smart as opponents though the cumbersome application requires a job.

Finest Prices Today: Ezviz C8W Pro

The C8W Pro is the current in the C8 exterior safety camera range from Ezviz. Compared to a few of the firm’s previous exterior video cameras, consisting of the C8C, it dumps the rather unattractive exterior antenna in favor of interior ones that can’t be seen. And also though it’s quite large, it does not show up so when accumulated by the eves on your home. Unlike the battery-powered BC1C, additionally evaluated, the C8W Pro is mainly powered as well as is developed to be placed completely in one placement.

Features & design

  • Frying pan & tilt
  • Car monitoring
  • 12 preset settings
  • On-device AI
  • Integrated light & alarm
  • Two-way talk

With typical CCTV cam looks, the C8W Pro ought to serve as a deterrent to any person with harmful purposes that spots it. However, in addition to tape-recording proof, there’s likewise a built-in siren that you can ready to appear immediately when a person is discovered, or activate it manually from the online sight screen in the application.

Built-in LEDs can also be readied to flash to better hinder somebody, yet if you select this, you can’t also make it possible for color night vision, which is a shame. There’s also no other way to turn on LEDs by hand or with a smart aide (something you can do with Netatmo’s Outdoor camera). Among the huge differences between this as well as the C8C, which we’ve evaluated, is the ability to track people.

This is done using onboard AI which permits the video camera can pan as well as a turn as required to follow its subject anywhere it relocates within view of the camera. It will certainly then return to a pre-set placement you establish by touching the celebrity switch beneath the manual pan and tilt control.

You can conserve numerous ‘favorite’ positions, however, it’s uncertain which of these it picks as the default after tracking a person. It seems the last one you touched on it in the Preset Locations display. An integrated microphone enables you to hear what’s taking place live (and also on recorded video) and also a speaker lets you speak to a person in front of the video camera.

What’s missing is AI detection of parcels and animals: not strictly necessary for a security cam of this kind, yet a nice-to-have for those individuals that desire it. There’s additionally no face acknowledgment, which means the C8W Pro can’t inform you who it has seen, nor alert you only if– for example– a strange face is spotted. Regardless of having the ability to identify cars, there is no option to immediately track them in the Auto Tracking setups. The application has just one option here: Human Tracking, which you can activate or off.

Setup and arrangement are straightforward. A drill template, electrical outlet, and also screws are supplied, as also a lengthy extension cable in case a mains socket is a long way from the setting you need to mount the electronic camera. Two screws protect the weatherproof cover for the microSD card port, which is under the electronic camera.

Even though I mounted it on the wall outside an area including among my mesh Wi-Fi nodes, the application revealed a very weak signal. My phone showed a strong signal at the same placement, which recommends the problem is with the cam, not my Wi-Fi system.

It’s unexpected as Ezviz’s BC1C works well despite being placed much, much additionally far from your house where the signal is much weak. Perhaps moving the antenna within wasn’t such an excellent suggestion after all.


Any kind of clever camera depends greatly on its companion application because it’s via the application you control it, change setups, and also sight live and also recorded video. However, Ezviz’s application isn’t terrific. It’s difficult to navigate, the design is messy and also it’s never very easy to discover what you desire, even if you’ve utilized it for some time.

For example, when considering the listing of recorded clips you can tap the left or right arrows to relocate between different days, or faucet on the day itself to see a calendar as well as choose a date.

There’s also a filter button but rather than allowing you to filter clips by, state, individual, or car, it merely raises the calendar for you to choose a date: the same feature as tapping on the date. And there is no way to filter by people so you can neglect all clips that do not feature individuals.

A 2nd example is noticing. Rather than offering you some helpful information concerning what has been spotted, they all say “Smart Detection Alarm” in addition to the day and time in lengthy type.

Ezviz C8W Pro

And if you touch on one, it won’t open the application as well as play that clip as you would certainly expect. It will certainly just take you to the playback display and leave you to touch on the most recent recording. Stranger still, you do get rich alerts with a thumbnail as well as a button to play back the clip, however, these show up only if you take place to have the Ezviz application open at the time.

In the setups are three kinds of notification: Human Shape Detection, Vehicle Shape Detection, and also Image Change Detection. But you can just select among these choices each time which is a peculiar restriction to impose.

And unless you mount the cam so it can not see anything beyond your building, or you specify a zone to overlook, you’ll get a lot of information for occasions that aren’t important, such as individuals strolling past your residence or cars driving by when traveling. Irritatingly, if you do make use of the grid to establish a discovery zone, every little thing outside of it will be ignored. Google’s technique with its Nest electronic cameras is better: you can specify several zones as well as the signals will consist of in which area the occasion was found so you recognize whether to investigate more or not.

I want the cam to record all people and also lorries but just be notified concerning those relocating within a zone I specify. That’s just not feasible with the C8W Pro. Plus, specifying a zone on a pan and also tilt electronic camera does not make sense as it will apply just when it’s aiming in particular instructions. It is feasible to set an alert schedule, so a minimum of you’ll only obtain notifications between the hours you choose.

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There are much more examples of where Ezviz could boost its app, and also you’ll check out others in my BC1C review, but it’s discouraging that not a solitary among those has been taken care of or enhanced since that testimonial, so I do not hold out much hope of anything changing anytime soon.


With a 2K resolution, the C8W Pro captures slightly more information than 1080p electronic cameras, as well as the built-in light, which allows it to deliver color night vision. There are 3 modes you can select in the application: color, black-and-white or clever. Select the last and the IR LEDs will certainly be used until the activity is detected. After that, the white LEDs turn on as well as offer color night vision.

Here’s an instance:

You can also use two sliders to select the length of time the lights remain on and exactly how bright they are. At their brightest, they can light up a space a great few meters in front of the electronic camera and also provide high quality compared to the typical mono night vision.

During the day, photos festinate and also have great contrast. You can zoom in, digitally, however, when you do so you’ll see a unique lack of great detail. As an example, it isn’t generally possible to review cars and truck registration plates or acknowledge encounters a long way far from the video camera.

When the electronic camera remains in auto-track mode, it takes a couple of secs to lock onto an individual. But the system does a good task of in fact tracking them as they walk around. Later on, the camera will certainly go back to the pre-set sight you’ve chosen, however, first rotates needlessly to face the wall you’ve mounted it on. Tracking is much less dependable during the night, too.

Unusually, there is no setting where the electronic camera occasionally pans to see what’s taking place in various other instructions. This indicates it will only detect and also track people relocating the 87 ° field of vision it can see in its default placement, which is an embarrassment if you were hoping it could track someone anywhere in the 340 ° of activity possible.

When assessing clips involving monitoring, activity is jerkier than you could anticipate as the camera shows up to relocate efficiently when you watch it.

If you decide to tape a video clip in your area on a microSD card, there’s a rather hidden choice to tape-record continuously in the Storage Status food selection within Settings. Cryptically called ‘All Day, there’s a toggle you can allow which will certainly motivate a warning that there’s an increased threat of damaging the storage space card by videotaping regularly.

The trouble is that the application does not really like this mode: in my screening, it showed up to have taped continually for a full day, yet declined to play back any of it. Video clip thumbnails appeared on the timeline declaring to include ‘clips’ however the application would only ever show stills.

If you do not enable this mode, clips are taped when activity is discovered in the zone you’ve selected. Their size varies up until a person or car is no more found.

Price & availability

You can get a C8W Pro for $149.99 from Amazon, and also for those in the UK, the alternatives are presently ₤ 130 from EZVIZ straight, Smart Secured, or Connect.

You can purchase a microSD card, or use one you currently have, for neighborhood recording– approximately 256GB, but if you desire a more safe and more secure option that ensures video clip evidence can’t be taken, there’s Ezviz CloudPlay. This posts clips of documented events and also prices ₤ 2.99 each month for a three-day background on a single camera (no equal plan seems readily available in the United States). ₤ 7.49/ $8.99 each month (or ₤ 74.99/ $89.99 each year) conceals four cams with a seven-day background yet there’s no option to do this with the three-day background.

You can also go with 30-day history, however that bumps up the cost a lot more: ₤ 14.99/ $15.99 monthly or ₤ 149.99/ $159.99 per year, for up to four cams. These are uncompetitive when contrasted to Google and also Ring which supplies more affordable annual strategies as well as cover limitless cameras. For choices, see our summary of the very best protection cameras to buy.

Ezviz C8W Pro


The C8W Pro is developed to resolve some of the objections of video cameras that came before it, such as relocating the antenna inside the electronic camera body as well as instantly tracking topics as they walk around.

But various other objections, specifically surrounding the frustrating application, remain. And also as the C8W Pro costs significantly more than the C8C, the problems are tougher to overlook. It’s wonderful that there’s the alternative to get your very own microSD card as well as prevent paying a subscription for cloud storage, but the C8W Pro just isn’t wise or slick enough to advise over its opponents.

Ezviz C8W Pro: Specs

  • Photo Sensor: 1/2.7″ Progressive Scan CMOS Sensor.
  • Minimum Illumination: 0.5 Lux @ (F1.6, AGC ON), 0 Lux with IR.
  • Lens: 4mm, f/1.6.
  • 105 ° (Diagonal), 87 ° (Horizontal) OR 6mm, f/1.6.
  • 66 ° (Diagonal), 55 ° (Horizontal) Pan/ tilt max angle: 340 °/
  • 80 °. Day & Night: IR-cut filter with vehicle switching.
  • DNR: 3D DNR.
  • Night Vision: 30 m/ 98 ft.
  • Max. Resolution: 2560 × 1440.
  • Framework Rate 30 fps. Self-adaptive during network transmission Video Compression: H. 265/ H. 264.
  • Wi-Fi Standard: 2.4 GHz 802.11 n (Wi-Fi 4).
  • Smart Alarm: AI-powered Human Shape Detection, Vehicle Shape Detection.
  • Two-way Talk.
  • Neighborhood Storage: as much as 256GB microSD.
  • Cloud Storage: EZVIZ cloud play.
  • Operating Conditions: -30 ° C to 60 ° C (-22 ° F to 140 ° F)
  • IP Grade: Not stated.
  • Power Supply: DC 12V/1A.
  • Battery Capacity: No battery.
  • Power Consumption: Max. 6W.
  • Item Dimensions: 112 × 171 × 156 mm (4.41 × 6.73 × 6.15 inch).
  • Weight Product: 605 g (21.34 oz).

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