The 11 top metaverse games in 2023

The researcher identifies the top 11 blockchain-based games that provide excellent value to gamers. Despite the cryptocurrency market’s significant volatility in 2023, as well as Bitcoin’s (BTC) inability to break the $50,000 threshold, metaverse game, and games to win continue to draw interest in the industry. The STEPN game’s native GMT token rose over 10,000 percent in March, from $0.01 to over $3.

For jogging and walking, gamers in STEPN get paid in cryptocurrency. Players had the chance to win around 217 dollars for every 11 kilometers walked or run in March, according to estimates. Furthermore, games like Metamon, Axie Infinity, and Sandbox, among others, announce different collaborations and novelties with traditional global businesses and well-known artists.

metaverse games

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According to DappRadar, there are more than 150 games to play to win in the bitcoin market right now. As a result, Phil Hall, a blockchain-based gaming expert, has identified 11 blockchain games with high return potential for April. “2022 witnessed a tremendous growth in the gaming scene and an explosion of speculation, most of which drove gaming tokens.

NFTs to all-time highs, but much of that anticipation has gone down since most of these games didn’t have anything to show, let alone play, so much of that hype has faded down.” But in 2023, all of that is set to alter dramatically. And the month of April is but a foretaste of what is to come.

Axie Infinity

The first game on the experts’ list is Axie Infinity, which is still one of the most popular metaverses games. Play-to-earn games in the globe despite the Ronin blockchain hack, which is consider the largest in history of the cryptocurrency universe. market.

“The most well-known name in blockchain and play-to-earn gaming on Axie is in desperate need of a massive makeover. Origin introduces a slew of new skills, a redesigned combat system, and a new mechanism that allows new players to play for free. So it’s a contest to keep an eye on “he stated.



Drunk Robots

The second game on Hall’s list is Drunk Robots, which announced the introduction of their $METAL token at IDO, which will be the game’s native token and have extensive functionality across the gaming ecosystem. For a starting price of $0.01, the IDO is available on three platforms: Liquidity, Games, and Trustpad.

Drunk Robots is a blockchain game in which the characters are insane robots who live on the future planet of The Machines. Players must take control of the city by restoring sanity to the game’s intoxicated robots. The game’s economy is built around a two-token system: $METAL and $JUNK.

The main utility and gaming token is the $METAL token. $METAL is beneficial as a market offer because it is the principal exchange asset. With the token, players will be able to unlock unique modes and improvements.

Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land, originally known as Sunflower Farmers, was one of the key perpetrators in the initial Polygon (MATIC) network usability explosion, according to the expert. “To close coding gaps and prevent bot use, all of their contracts have been update. The new game will be released in stages, with new features being added as time goes on. We have to keep playing this game.

metaverse games


The analyst also mentioned that Ascenders, a blockchain game developed on top of the Avalanche (AVAX) network, is on his radar. The action RPG has announced the debut of a free-to-play version as well as a month-long contest in which gamers may win prizes worth up to one million AGC tokens. Players can try out the game demo and see how difficult it is to fight. The top 100 scorers at the end of the month will get $AGC, a government token for Ascendants.

Meta shooter

Hall also mentions that Metashooter, which runs on the Cardano blockchain and is the first hunting game created on the blockchain, is something he’s interest in. The game will take place on an island where players will encounter all of their prey, which may include birds, carnivores, and herbivores. There are different animals for each category, each with its rarity and difficulty level.

Genesis Worlds

Genesis Worlds, which has revealed a new set of awards for its players, has also adjusted the profitability of the game, which could attract new players, and is also on the list of experts. This edition introduces five new worlds, the first of which, Xoth, will be available in early April, followed by the others seven days later.

GENESIS is the game’s native token, as well as the cryptocurrency underpinning the game’s governance structure. “Mining Claim owners will also have the option to convert their claims to LAND Claim when the game approaches its final release.” Although the particular details of this process have yet to be release, all indicators suggest that players should be looking forward to the game.

Open Sea

Even though OpenSea is not a game, but rather a platform for buying and selling NFTs, Hall advises that all investors and market participants should keep an eye on it in April as support for NFTs based on Solana becomes available. “This should help any games created on top of Solana, and the price of NFTs should climb at launch, which is a terrific opportunity for players.

Tiny Colony

metaverse games

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Tiny Colony, a game in which players create and develop advanced ant colonies, defend their bases against the dark forces that lurk underground, challenge other colonies to fight, make alliances, and trade, is another game on the list of experts. They encourage one another to take part in large-scale community events. Community events such as Community Quests,

Battle Arenas, Gladiator Fights, Miniature Wars, Miniature Slots, and more will be available to players. Without the use of NFTs, players can begin establishing a colony in the Tiny Colony base game. By constructing a basic set of cells and engaging with the base game characters in the “training grounds,” players can take advantage of Tiny Colony’s construction and management simulator components.

There is also a variety of NFTs available for gamers who want to get the most out of their experience and engage in community events. tiny bits ($TINY) can use to buy NFTs in-game. TeenyBits ($TEENY) can use to improve NFTs, which can acquired in-game by maintaining a successful colony and participating in and betting on events and battles.


Metwana is a decentralized metaverse games based on the Solana blockchain. The goal of the game is to transform exotic and rare Nugs into powerful Battle Buds so that you can fight in PvP battles for prizes. Each Nug and Battle Bud is an NFT with its unique set of characteristics and abilities.

The goal is to take good care of your crops, watering them and safeguarding them from thieves and other potential risks, as in most farming simulators. You can sell your harvested crops in your dispensary for a profit once they’ve been harveste. As you go through the game, you’ll gain access to new materials for your farm as well as boxes carrying Nug NFTs.

“While the exact rewards structure has yet to be released, we may expect payouts in NFTs and Highlands Cash, which is exclusively available in-game.” The MWANA token, which will serve as the governance token for the next DAO, will be released in April. MWANA tokens will also be able to use to purchase certain in-game assets.


Green Rabbit has been building a sophisticated ecology of creation over the last year, according to the analyst, and while the full fruits of this labor are yet to be revealed, many features of its 3D worlds have already been revealed. Green Rabbit Adventures, a new NFT game from the Wax network, will immerse you in a fascinating adventure that blends fiction and fantasy while also allowing you to earn real money.

Metamon Island

metaverse games

Another game to keep an eye on is Metamon Island, which recently announced the destruction of 635 avatars to balance the game’s reward system and maintain the game’s value, rarity, and playability. The developers also mentioned that a beta version of Metamon World has been release.

To do so, they updated all game servers, resulting in a game disruption for all players. The upgrade, which lasted roughly 8 hours, made additional content available. In the Metamon World, the developer has also released the Metamons entry at level 60. Level 60 avatars, on the other hand, will no longer be allow to stay on Metamon’s Island to obtain egg pieces in the new edition.

As a result, level 60 Metamons can only return to Metamon Island using a spaceship or rocket. The feature will be available in the following version. The company has also unveiled a package of new features aimed at increasing the game’s profitability. Updates to the game’s overall gameplay will announce later in the first half of the year. The requirement to spend the RACA token for certain in-game objectives and rewards is one of these improvements.

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