What is social media, and how do social networks fit into it?

The background of social media networks from e-mail to the metaverse.

  • Alexey Eakin

Taken care of to work in 2 areas: media and advertising and marketing. He was engaged in the internet site and concern of the Vybiray.ru magazine. Performed on the internet special projects with local services and maintained commercial accounts on social media.

social media

When VK as well as Odnoklassniki showed up, no person thought that user-generated content would certainly relocate television, radio, as well as papers in terms of impact. It appeared shocking that there would certainly be dedicated solutions for video clip streaming, work, or messaging from the phone. Every one of these is social networks, which inhabit a significant share of the Net.

What are social networks?

Social networks are a location where people interact, get as well as develop web content. A social network is a broader meaning that includes immediate carriers, blogs, video clip holding, markets, and various other resources. If we incorporate the formulas of sociologists D. Murty as well as D. Thornley, we get the following meaning of social media:

” These are on the internet systems that offer the user with low-cost or free opportunities to release and get info, team up with other people, and also exchange opinions. In social media sites, the customer flexibly transforms his function – he can be both a consumer as well as a writer of the web content. To publish web content, he does not require to have a special understanding, skills, or show skills. Social media features permit individuals to sign up with teams or fix certain jobs.”

History of social media growth

The background of social network resources dates back to the 70s when the very first bulletin boards appeared on the net. For the first time, customers were able to affect the information on the network themselves making use of prefabricated system devices. There was additionally a method of communication – email, however like whiteboards, it was a regional method of interacting through networks in between computer systems.

CompuServe houses

With the development of the Internet came online solutions such as CompuServe, which were Internet gain access to points with the ability to chat. In the 90s, ICQ, a solution for exchanging instant messages as well as data between people, as well as the Hotmail mail service were launch.

In 1997, the Six Levels job began – it allowed users to produce their accounts, include pals, and chat with them online. It was a sophisticated analog of a dating website, followed by various other selections: Asian Opportunity, MiGente, and also Bland back the planet.

Every little thing altered LiveJournal, which at the end of 1999 recommended a new purpose for social media networks. The trend shifted from communication to material – LiveJournal was a location of frequently updated blogs.

MySpace Web Page

In 2003, LinkedIn was launched – a social media network for organizations, in which initially, rather than an individual profile, users filled out an internet resume. In time, groups, a feed, and various other functions were contributed to the social media network. Parallel with it, MySpace was establish, in which people can share songs and other documents. At that time, lots of artists created profiles in the hope of gaining access to a new target market.

A very early version of the Facebook interface

2004 saw the release of Facebook, a project conceived as a social media network for Harvard pupils, yet rapidly became a global phenomenon. In 2006, VK, Odnoklassniki, as well as Moi Mir appeared in Russia – every one of them was not simply social networks for interaction and also replenishment of the good friend list, yet systems where individuals began to trade content.

At first, these were jokes, memes, and demotivators, however gradually, people began to create analytical text on social media networks, shoot videos, and also make amusement programs. The concept of “blog owner” showed up, which swiftly turned into a media career – the reach and impact of contemporary bloggers can be larger than that of typical media.

Modern social media is a vast array of platforms. We have Tumblr for microblogging, Pinterest for lovely images, Skype for phone calls, as well as Avito for marketing things. Significant social media sites in Russia are VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, Yandex. Zen, Rutube, Club.

Just how social networks vary from socials media

social media

The main distinctions between social networks as well as social networks are performance and mass character. Telegram is a carrier utilize by 500 million individuals, but it is not a social media. The same can be said about Slack, a conversation platform for collaborating with an everyday audience of over 10 million people. All of these are social media sites.

  • The main social network tools are the capability to produce, distribute and modify UGC web content with structured communication. From this follows the main functions of social networks:
  • content sharing;
  • creating connections between people;
  • resolving specific problems on the net;
  • entertainment.
  • Kinds of social media:

Communication. They consist of social media sites that bring individuals together for interaction: conversations, microblogs, websites with evaluations, as well as forums. For instance Tinder and Clubhouse, I advise.

Fillable. These are social media where you can add, alter and also modify information. As an example Wikipedia, VC.ru.

Exchange. Social networks, where any type of information is traded: photos, video clips, texts, music. For instance: YouTube, Twitch, TikTok.

Online Globes. Online and also casual video games, Meta Cosmos. As an example Gardenscapes, Meta.

Social network web content is whatever that a person develops. All content that you see in the Instagram feed or VKontakte is social. But social media is not just questionnaires, talks, and also memes. There are an entire host of platforms

Social network platforms.

To recognize platforms, you need to initially highlight the main features of social networks:

  • Visibility. Social network individuals share individual details: sex, age, and pictures.
  • Communications. Social media develops a structure for interaction: you can leave remarks, and sign up with teams as well as conversations.
  • Free distribution. The material on social media is offered completely free circulation, and also every user can see it.
  • Friendliest. Social network auto mechanics permit you to comply with other users, add them as pals, or alter the standing of a connection.
  • online reputation. In social media, you can build credibility through the target market.
  • Reduce the entrance. To use social networks, you do not require to examine someplace or have a details understanding.


Agents: Gmail, Mail.ru.

Mail is one of the marketing channels

Among the very first approaches to communication on the Internet was e-mail, which took shape right into its current form in the early 90s. Now e-mail is social media where customers connect and also obtain newsletters.

Discussion forums

Agents: Reddit, Peekaboo.

Reddit costs itself as “the front page of the web” – the majority of the jokes and also memes start from here.

Up until the 2000s, online forums were the only location for interaction and also dating, today a makeover has shown up – it’s even more like content feeds, like in Peekaboo. In it, you can register for hashtags, and conversations in the comments and track intriguing subjects.


Agents: Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber.

Messengers have also chatted with robots. As an example, this is just how our crawler” Gennady” functions – an assistant for SMM experts.

With the arrival of smart devices and also the rapid Web, immediate carriers have securely entered our lives and changed SMS and calls. Telegram has additionally become a place for releasing news.

Blog platforms

Agents: Twitter, Tumblr, Yandex.Zen.

Twitter is an unlimited feed of conversations and also statements on any topic.

For a long time, LiveJournal was the only blog writing system, but the introduction of the short microblogging social network Twitter has changed the focus in the direction of faster as well as more personalized material circulation. In Russia, Yandex. Zen is proactively establishing – a system where every blogger can make money on published web content.

Streaming systems

Agents: Twitch.

On Twitch, I primarily transmitted walkthroughs of preferred video games.

Streaming websites relay real-time video clips from webcams. Gamings are most often use in streaming – they account for almost 60% of all material, and also in Russia, the target market of Twitch is 9 million individuals.

Video holding

Representatives: YouTube, TikTok.

social media

Systems that are tailored for enjoying videos, where individuals themselves add material. For a long time, YouTube controlled, but after that TikTok showed up, which used a fundamentally different approach – a limitless feed of brief enjoyable videos.

Social network

Agents: Instagram, Facebook.

The internet variation of the Instagram feed

One of the most substantial parts of social media sites is social networks. The global trend is a rise in functions. So, VK has long been not just a place to chat with buddies, but a market where you can buy food, call a taxi, or buy groceries with the distribution.

Collectors and marketplaces

Reps: CIAN, Avito, Ozone.

Home page CYAN

This sort of social media was created for trading – individuals themselves add cards, make transactions, as well as communicate with each other. The task of the platform is only to supply the essential tools. This additionally consists of the Wildberries marketplace, where business owners profession.

Meta Worlds

Agents: Meta, Fortnite, Mesh.

Until recently, the neighborhood of online and laid-back games was call digital globes – World of Containers or Farm Frenzy. A fresh pattern is the improvement of social networks right into Meta Worlds. Facebook has been rename Meta as well as is going to develop a single VR area for a job, communication, buying, and home entertainment. Microsoft is establishing the Meta cosmos of increase fact Mesh, as well as Legendary Gamings is established based on the Fortnite game.

In addition to these systems, there are also working social media sites – Trello, Idea, short article collectors – Tool, editable pages – Wikipedia, and others.

  1. Exactly how social media sites’ promo functions
  2. Promotion in social networks indicates 3 choices:

Straight advertising with social network features. For example, targeted advertising and marketing on VKontakte.

Straight marketing via influencers and celebs As an example, a paid invite of bloggers to the Clubhouse spaces.

Hidden advertising and marketing. Native marketing through web content or item reviews from other individuals on social media As an example, a Sberbank account on TikTok.

Social media marketing is the same SMM, only in a broader feeling. Typically in Russia, we suggest that the SMM manager functions only on social networks: Instagram, and VKontakte. In the West, social media sites advertising and marketing (SMM) is typically an architectural work on the discussion of the brand on different online platforms.

Meta, Fortnite, Mesh.

This can be preserving an account on LinkedIn and brand support in discussing Reddit. Regardless, advertising will certainly be tied to sales, and also the same metrics apply to it: the effectiveness of investments in the network and also the number of clients. For info on how to build such communications appropriately, read the write-up” Peculiarities of sales via socials media: exactly how to construct connections with a customer “.

Social media site networks are pick locations for organization presence. They act as a means to attain an advertising and marketing goal. For example, we produce coffee, our network is a blog site on Twitter, where we share interesting facts in support of a barista. The goal is to locate brand-new customers and keep the loyalty of old ones.

Defining a social media site’s channel permits you to focus on a details resource of customers or website traffic. To do this, you require to take into account the specifics of social media sites: what gets sorted on TikTok will not necessarily deal with Yandex. Zen – various target markets, teams, and mechanics of the websites themselves.

How tracking and analysis work in social media sites.

The effectiveness of brand visibility in social networks is determined by a set of fixed information. For this, social network analysis is perform. What metrics are usually taken into consideration:

  1. the number of brand names states;
  2. material insurance coverage for user activities;
  3. audience growth as well as its conversion right into purchases.

Social network tracking can be done by hand or instantly. Guidebook – this is when the online marketer considers all the data on his very own, and instantly – when special programs, systems, and also services are involved in the collection. One of these is the DataFan service, which collects stats from accounts and also marketing accounts in social media networks into reasonable control panels.

The important things

social media

The role of social media in the modern-day world is huge – they change or merge with timeless media: television is efficiently transferring to YouTube, radio is turning into a streaming platform with podcasts, the news is offered in telegram channels as well as collectors, and points are acquired in marketplaces. And also in all these areas we can communicate or influence the web content: put sort, compose remarks or include our publications. The international fad is the makeover of social media right into digital globes that will certainly come to be an analog of the real world.

The target market of social networks is nearly all Internet individuals. According to research by Hootsuite, the overall number of such users in 2020 was 3.8 billion people – that’s half the globe’s populace. In Russia, according to Brand Analytics, the social network audience is 66 million people.

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