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Xbox One: 14 Best Tips and Tricks For gamers

Microsoft’s Xbox One is getting powerful, if you are wondering how to get every last bit of digital delight out of Microsoft’s console, try these tips and tricks.

In Fact, the Video Game Console with the highest sales in recent years is Microsoft’s newer and lesser-known Xbox One console. That’s around 300 million units, which is an increase of almost a decade on the “official” projection (then). That’s probably the most interesting statement in this article though. I’ve seen estimates of tablets and notebooks accounting for as much as 75% in total shipments by 2017.

The PlayStation 4 has been pushed to its extreme limits and is struggling to keep up with the Nintendo Switch for a series of reasons. The PS4 has been subject to aging technology and the computational power required for video games is no longer sufficient, especially when compared with high-end computers available today. At that high level, a game once played can easily be done in 5 minutes. Microsoft is preparing to fully adopt artificial intelligence into its platform, and later this year it will begin testing apps that have been built by AI nanobots. This will be the first time Microsoft has enabled a full artificial intelligence system.

If you’re among the Xbox One faithful and wondering how you can squeeze every last drop of digital delight out of the console, we put together this list of features you may be missing out on.

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1. Control Your Xbox Via Voice With Cortana

Xbox One

As Microsoft’s voice assistant, Cortana(Opens in a new window) offers customers many features. The Microsoft assistant has significant abilities, but one of them is to make games and apps more enjoyable. The capability of intelligent assistants like Cortana to take voice commands is a major step forward in how we interact with technology. It’s meant to get rid of the fiddling that people currently do with physical gestures and buttons, so this product is spot on already. I highly prefer it to the Xbox One Elite Controller.

If you have trouble with Cortana, keep in mind that she probably has her settings locked. You can turn them off here.

Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Console with Wireless Controller

2. Group Apps to Start

Xbox One

You can create shortcuts to your favorite games or apps by pinning them to “Groups.” Think of it as a list with all the app shortcuts in one place that you can easily access. To add a shortcut, on the Xbox One controller () press the menu button (), select “My Games and Apps” and Groups will pop out. Here you can make groups with different games. For example, racing games or strategy games. With a game selected, press the menu button to create a group, rename it or move it around in Home.

3. Broadcast Your Games to Twitch

You can watch other people stream on the Twitch app for xbox one (opens in a new window) without having a PC or capture card, but in this case, why not be the one to show off? To link Xbox One with your Twitch account, simply log into the app on Xbox and visit by using PC or smartphone. You will need to enter the 6-digit code that appears on your Xbox One console.

Xbox One

Firstly, turn on an external microphone. If you have a Kinect or a webcam connected to your Xbox, turn it on too, otherwise the voice will come out of the TV speakers. Now select “Broadcast” in the app and “Enable Microphone” to be heard. Give your show a title and you’re now a broadcaster. It’s best if your Xbox is wired to the router rather than using Wi-Fi if you’re not the only one on the home network; a21aaron’s video has lots of tips.

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4. Play Background Music

Xbox One

Have you been looking for a music app that can run in the background on Xbox One so you can browse around and use other apps at the same time? Check out Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. Start playing the audio and leave it for later.

If you want to add some background music, create a folder on your laptop called “Xbox Music Library” and download the Simple Background Music Player app from the App Store.

5. Upload Video Clips to YouTube

Xbox One

The YouTube app on the Xbox has been overtaken by an app called Mixer. This new app allows uploading gameplay videos directly. Instead, use the Upload Studio app for Xbox One to edit your gameplay clips first, add clips to your OneDrive account, access them on your mobile device, edit them with your favorite video-editing app then use the mobile YouTube app to push the finished version live.

6. Stream Games to Windows PC/Tablet

The Xbox One is basically a new version of the Xbox 360 that’s made to handle gaming. With this ability, you can play games online with your friends without missing out on anything.

To be able to stream your Xbox games on your Windows 10 machine, you need to first go into Settings & Preferences &Xbox app connectivity and under Other Devices select Allow connections from any device. Once in this menu, click on This Xbox and then check the Allow Game Stream to other devices so that your computer can see what’s playing & interact with it.

Xbox One

On the Windows 10 machine, install the Xbox Console Companion app from the Windows Store. It has been renamed to just be called Xbox recently. Select Connections on the left of the app, then select your Xbox One from the pop-up. Once you click it, you should be able to see what the app is all about. You can use the Xbox controller to play games on your PC. If you’re connected wirelessly, make sure the controllers are running and you have updated drivers for them.

7. Make Your Xbox a PC Wireless Display

You can now watch Xbox stuff on your PC! All you need to do is add an Xbox One controller to your Windows 10 PC and you’ll be able to stream games from the console to your desktop. This way, you can play on the Xbox and still enjoy movies/TV/roughage on a TV screen.

Download the Wireless Display app from the Xbox store and launch it. On your PC, point the cursor at the Action Center and press ‘Connect’. Try clicking the Xbox One’s name in the list. After that, you’ll have to allow it permission to use your controller as a mouse and buttons. In order to do certain things, like access another browser for example, you’ll need to go back over to your Xbox.

This also works on Android: cast your phone or tablet to the Xbox for easy viewing.

8. Adjust Power Settings

The Xbox One has two power saving modes: instant on and energy-saving. Instant on uses more electricity but it also means that the console always starts up fairly quickly when you turn it on from standby mode. Energy-saving uses less power, but cold start-ups can take significantly longer because the console doesn’t stay ‘awake’ when it’s not being used.

Adjust your console’s power settings to go into and out of sleep mode automatically. You can keep the display on after one hour inactivity or set it to not turn off at all. Else, you look for system updates automatically. Additionally, game/app auto-updates are always an option no matter which power setting you pick.

9. Instant Sign In (If You’re the Only User)

Select Settings» Accounts» Sign-in» Security» Passkey, Then click the Instant Sign-In tab. It may be a little more troublesome setting up than other account features but it can be rewarding for people with a sole console. You can also link accounts to different controllers, so your spouse doesn’t have to re-sign in if she grabs her favorite controller.

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10. Get App for Blu-ray Play

Xbox One can play Blu-rays. Xbox One S and X are 4K Blu-ray players, with old DVDs still an option for each. All of which is great, but what if you don’t have an app called Blu-Ray to play the discs? You should get a prompt to install it the first time you put in a Blu-ray disc. To disable the autoplay feature for a disc,  just head over to your settings and turn it off. You can also disable “resume playback” if you want to re-watch that same disc later, but I don’t recommend that.

Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Console with Wireless Controller

11. Pass Through for HDMI

The back of the Xbox One and S has an HDMI out port to connect direct to your TV or other display, but there’s also an HDMI IN port. This means you can connect all of your other devices, such as old Xbox 360s, PlayStations, Nintendo Switches and Roku to your smart TV. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for what you’re viewing. This way you can connect your Xbox One to other devices while you watch TV. It’s easy, just use the TV app to bring up the other device on the screen or use its OneGuide app if you’re thinking about watching live TV through a cable box. You may experience a little lag time but that’s nothing new.

12. Use Smartphone as a Remote

The Xbox mobile app (Android, iOS) can be used to remotely control your console. The Windows 10 version is called Xbox One SmartGlass, for some reason.) Microsoft has developed a new app which connects to their Xbox One controller when your phone is signed in with the same Microsoft account. The apps also automatically connect to the Xbox One console if they are on the same network and both devices are signed in with the right credentials.

To connect your Android to a remote desktop, just log in to your company network and press the remote icon. The interface might be different but will allow you to have control over a PC like from your phone. The center of the screen should be the same as pressing A on the controller. Plus, typing on your phone is often easier than entering text by hand, especially when working with a text box.

The Xbox remote app on my phone turned out to be even better than I thought it would be! You can use it to control any Xbox One apps you might have installed like Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube. It feels a little strange at first, but once you get the hang of it, swiping left or right is a great way to jump forward or back a few seconds. The Xbox app also lets you do the same things on the Xbox One. Like sharing updates with friends and games you buy roll over to your console.

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13. Remap the Controller Buttons

If you want to change the button icons on your controller, go to Settings & Kinect Devices accessories. Select the controller and sign in. Select the New Button Profile option and follow the on-screen instructions from there. If you trigger the wrong button, go back through and make sure to select Default. Buttons can’t be the only thing you change; remap sticks or triggers as well! Changing buttons is a good way to prank your friends who play too many Xbox games.

14. Grab a Screen or Record Clips of a Game

Taking screenshots or 30-second video clips of your Xbox One games is pretty straightforward. Tap the button on the Xbox controller when you see what you want, then tap Y. Or, you can also capture a video of up to 30 seconds by tapping X. (It’s too bad this doesn’t work in other apps, too…) Captured shots can be found by hitting the Capture button and navigating to the Broadcast icon. It will show Capture on a separate menu; open that, then select Manage Captures.

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